About - WxSim

Franklin weather analysis and area forecasting is generated on site using WxSim Software and onsite observed data collected via Cumulus Software.

WxSim Cumulus

WxSim is a unique software package - over 25 years in the making - for modeling, forecasting, or simply studying weather.
Tom Ehrensberger created WxSim which creates detailed text weather forecasts based on our local station and public internet sourced observation data.

It is perhaps best described as an "interactive local atmospheric model". HRVistaweather (WxSim) weather forecast is produced specifically by us for the Franklin area, which also includes the surrounding Huon Valley areas.

A Min/Max Temp comparison between our locally generated WxSim (Franklin) forecast, WU (Weather Underground) forecast and our Actual observed Min/Max recorded data is also updated at 06:30 hrs and 09:30 hrs each morning. This is used to aid in the continual monitoring, customisation and enhancement of our WxSim Software.

For the purpose of this forecast, day forecasts cover the times of 06:00 - 18:00 AEST and night forecasts cover 18:00 - 06:00 AEST.

Note: Tom Ehrensberger has customised site locations the world over including numerous sites in mainland Australia, HRVistaweather is proud to be the first Tasmanian Site to work with Tom in customising WxSim for Huon Valley South Franklin.

As anyone who has lived in Tasmania would appreciate, due to our 4 seasons in one day weather patterns, Tom has found this to be a challenging process. His passion, expertise and dedication are commended.

The WxSim weather forecasts for Franklin are generated on site each day at 05:15 hrs, 11:15 hrs, 17:15 hrs, 23:15 hrs (ADST) and runs in automated mode.
These forecasts are not official forecasts and should be used as a guide only. For official Weather Forecasts - please refer to the ABoM Australian Bureau of Meteorology.