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South Franklin Weather - Using WeatherView Elite - Mobile APP

Description : WeatherView Elite = Ad free version of WeatherView
Aimed at Weather Station administrators giving the ability to add their site to the station list in all WeatherView products from WellyApps.
The phone version now has a greatly reduced file size of less than 4mb - with more features!
Current weather and forecasts from personal weather stations across the world.
New Features in Version 4 :
• Support for Weather Stations running Weather Display and Cumulus software.
• Auto-detection of a supported data file.
• Forecast from WXSIM or World Weather Online
• “Add Your Site” to add to the station list
• Follow me roaming weather conditions from your phone location using World Weather Online, updating every 2 hours.
• New extra-large widget (4 x4) with even more weather details.
Current Weather :
Currently supports current weather data from Weather Display, Cumulus software (updating up to every minute*) or from World Weather Online (using phones location and updating every 2 hours).
WeatherView looks for WetherView.php (which is required to display the WXSIM forecast), ClientRaw, ClientRawExtra, CUTags or Realtime files on your web site.
Enter your web site in the custom address field and WeatherView will auto-detect a supported data file.
Click “Add your site” to add to the list for easy access for all versions of WeatherView.
Just choose “Your Location” and weather conditions are displayed for your location using World Weather Online, automatically updating every 2 hours.
Weather Forecasts :
Forecasts from WXSIM or from World Weather Online.
If you have no WXSIM forecast then WeatherView will display a forecast from World Weather Online using your sites co-ordinates. If these are not available then the phones co-ordinates are used instead.
World Weather Online forecasts are updated every 2 hours.
The Elite version gives added support with feature requests and diagnostic aide from the developer (via email).
*Note: Updating weather data will reduce battery life and will increase data usage. It is your responsibility to monitor your data allowances.
The App can be obtained from Google Play Website

WeatherView Elite App was developed by Wellington Weather Special Credit to Rob for adapting his App so it can now be used by Cumulus users.

WeatherView Elite - displaying South Franklin data.

WeatherView Elite

WeatherView Elite can also be viewed in Landscape on your phone.

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